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I found a website that offers Free Adult Phone.  One night I was studying for finals and I was distracted.  I couldn’t concentrate as I recently broke up with my girlfriend and I had not had sex in months.  And because I was so focused on studying I hadn’t even pleasured myself for several days.  So I thought I would take a short break and relieve a little tension in the hopes that it would help me get back on task.

I started looking online for some videos to watch, but found that it just wasn’t enough.  I needed something more ‘real’.  Being by myself seemed too depressing and it just wasn’t enough to fully experience the kind of relief I was looking for.  I then called a few friends (girls I knew from school) but couldn’t get the courage to ask them to come over.  Besides it would have been awkward as we were just friends.

That’s when I discovered Free Adult Phone

I noticed a website that popped up offering free phone sex.  Of course I didn’t believe it because everything is just an advertisement to try and get you to click, but I did anyway.  It took me to a website called, which had lots of girls that were offering phone sex.  It almost looked like a dating site because you could tell that the girls were real and had taking pics of themselves from their camera and webcam.

So I checked and found out that it was free to sign up, which I did.  Within minutes I was receiving messages from girls asking how I was and wanting to talk to me.  There was an option to buy time to talk to the girls, but there were also a lot of girls that offered free phone sex.  My guess is they were just like me, looking for a little company and someone to talk to.

One of the girls said that she was also studying and needed someone to talk to.  She was horny and hoped that talking dirty on the phone to some guy would help her.  I thought it was some sort of trick, but I clicked on her profile and received a toll free phone number and call code to enter.  I dialed the number, entered the call code and boom, I was talking to this sweet college girl.  It was 100% free.

We talked for a while about our studies and the stress of college.  Soon we were role-playing and having the most intense phone sex conversation that I ever had.  It was awesome and I still can’t believe that I found that website.  We still connect about once a week to ‘help’ each other!

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